Most Norwegians believe the government is not doing enough in the fight against poverty

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Eight out of ten Norwegians believe that the government should do more to combat poverty in Norway.

The survey Norstat has conducted for ABC News shows that people between the ages of 18 and 29 are the age group where most people think the government should do more.

In addition, there is a distinction between urban and rural, where 75 and 82 per cent respectively say that the government should make better efforts.

However, the level of education makes the biggest difference in the answer. Where 72 per cent of people with a master’s degree or similar want more efforts to combat poverty, 88 per cent of people with only primary education answer the same.

According to Statistics Norway, about 320,000 Norwegians live in households where it is difficult to survive. At the same time, relative poverty in Norway is increasing. In 2017, a total of 30,000 more children grew up in low-income families than six years earlier.

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  1. from thinking bout proverty n living for migrant ,goverment should think bout how to make norwegian citizen can improve in better living n take care of own family n life..its good to care for migrant who need help but norwegian ppl also need a life..take for norwegian n pay for others migrant is not fair..make sure our own famy have what they need before help other neighbour..nobody will see own kids go hungry n give all the benefit for neighbour

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