Move toward powerful new cuts in Posten

ta78b406Posten.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

Posten believe the outcome of Parliament’s treatment of mail later in the autumn will lead to a new era of powerful downsizing.
‘We relate that to about 400 full-time employees (FTEs); around 550 employees will be losing their jobs if Parliament decide that the A- and B-mail become a single product’, said union leader Odd Christian Overland of Postkom to Klassekampen.

The Federation is the union for the vast majority of those who work at the post terminals.

In the white paper “postal sector changes”, the Government proposes merging the A and B mail.

That means letters or packages won’t any longer arrive the day after they are sent.

Parliament will consider the application on Tuesday 29 November, but already have given record to the officers of Postkom and the Administrative Traffic Association (YTF) that they must be prepared for downsizing.

YTFs union leader Jim Klungnes believes that Posten have been very defensive in approaching restructuring.

‘They ought to have exploited a unique position and distribution network to reach other markets. Posten sent fewer letters, but increases include the numbers of packages’s, food-boxes and medicines sent to thousands of homes each day’, says Klungnes.

Posten’s Press Officer, John Eckhoff, says that it is primarily those sorts of items the mail terminals (post offices) will lose jobs by merging.

Rapporteur Kjell Idar Juvik (Arbeiderpartiet) says it is important that first class mail is not cut before good solutions for sending biological samples and newspaper distribution are in place.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today