Municipality introduces payments at charging stations in Oslo

Oslo.Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

You have to pay to charge your electric car in Oslo.The fee will be introduced in the capital from the 4th of March.

From 09.00 to 20.00 it will cost 10 kroner per hour. For the rest of the day, the price is NOK 5 per hour. The payment is to be introduced gradually wrote Aftenposten.

Charging stations in areas with high demand also receive limited parking time.The time is to be three hours between 09.00 and 20.00. The point is to increase circulation in crowded areas. Last autumn, the City Council decided that they would introduce payments at these places.

According to the Norwegian Road Traffic Information Agency,half of the cars sold in Oslo are now electric cars. In addition,there are 14% rechargeable hybrids, which also need charging

At the end of 2018, there were 36,102 electric cars in Oslo,which account for 12% of the car fleet, according to the Motor Vehicle Register/SVV.

Today, Oslo municipality has 1,300 parking spaces with charging facilities.The goal is for the number of such places to be increased to 2,000 during the year.

In addition, high speed charging stations are being developed at entry points to provide a better service transport utility and reduce the pressure on the common charging stations.

‘’Today it is almost impossible to find a free charging station in Oslo’s streets. We need to ensure rotation and that people are at charging sites only when they need to be, not otherwise.

Therefore, some payment is needed’’ said General Secretary,Christina Bu, of the Norwegian Electric Car Association.

The association thinks that NOK 10 per hour is mostly decided and have discussed this with the Oslo municipality.

‘’We would like to see that there is pricing per kWh, and not hourly payment.The reason is that it is incompatible to how fast electric cars charge. So we expect the Oslo municipality to change gradually’’ said Bu.

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