Myth that those over 50 are struggling in the job market?


Many people in the recruitment industry believe jobseekers over 50 years old are stigmatising themselves, and destroying their own chances in the workplace.


The head of the recruitment and restructuring company, OG-S, Erik Falk Hansen, believes age is rarely the reason why one can not get a job.

“There are terrible many over 50 years who get a new job. Therefore, I’m so sorry when people do not believe in themselves. “I’m too old,” is often the excuse when
a 50 plus job candidate is not selected. Just nonsense!’’ said Hansen to Dagens Næringsliv newspaper.

While 12,753 Norwegians aged 50 to 59 were completely jobless in January last year, this figure was shrunk to 10,161 in June, and 9,814 in the last month of the year,’’ the newspaper reported.

Hansen is a consultant with General Manager, Reidar Myrvang of ‘Lederrådgivning’ and HR leader, Cathrin Bretzeg, of Magsels.

Director of the Center for Senior Citizen Policy (SSP), Kari Østerud, believes the three of them simplify the issue.

“They are a little right, and a little wrong. We have our own studies confirming that the older you are, the more difficult it becomes to get a job interview,” she said.

“If you have reached the age of 55, it takes almost twice as long to get a new job compared to a younger job seeker, so you have to fight harder for that,” said Østerud,
who agrees that some people must work with their own attitude towards age.


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