Nav action against false medical certificates

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Nav has inspected 21 Oslo doctors who were suspected of writing false medical certificates. Three have lost the right to issue medical certificates and one has been reported to the police. Only ten have been completely excluded from the case.

Based on suspicions of complicity in insurance fraud, Nav began checks last year and an extensive investigation of 21 selected Oslo doctors, writes Dagens Næringsliv. During one year  1,000 sick notes have been checked.

– For us it is important to put a stop to false information being given to obtain incorrect benefits, says Sverre Lindahl at Nav Control.
The activities of three of the doctors were considered so grave that Nav has used its strictest sanctions possible: to revoke the right to issue medical certificates and doctor’s statements, which form the basis for social security payments. Without this right, it is difficult to practice as a general practitioner.

One of the 21 inspected doctors was also reported to the police for forgery and fraud. Around ten of the doctors that  Nav Control examined,  10 have been eliminated from the case, whilst the remaining are still being investigated.
It was in connection with the Lime case that Nav Control began checking a large number of sick leaves. Lindahl emphasizes that the doctors now sanctioned cannot be linked to the Lime Network.