Nav apologizes for long processing times

NAV,NAV logo. Photo Norway Today Media

Processing times of unsuccessful applications take too long,agrees Nav. Neither do appeal cases in the ‘Trygderetten’ get dealt with soon enough.


Among the cases that NRK heard about, a female applicant waited for two and a half years before her application for disability insurance was completed in Nav and the Social Security office.

‘It is enough that such long processing times in the disability area take place in many cases. The reason isn’t that we fall asleep, but that there are simply many stages involved,’ said Grete Børsheim, director of the Nav complaints body.

‘We are now taking greater steps to reduce the processing time,’ she added.

Rejected applications for disability benefits are appealed to the Social Insurance Institution (Trygderetten). The processing time isn’t fast enough. The average rate for processing appeals in the Trygderetten is eight months. The demand from parliament is four months for average treatment time.

‘We want to get the processing time down. It will take some time,but we will do our utmost,’ said, Trine Fernsjø, the Insurance Director.


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