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Nav claimant must repay NOK 365K

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Nav claimant must repay NOK 365K after living in Spain

A Nav client issued allowance claims from Spain for one year. Now the man in his forties must pay back 365,000 Norwegian kroner.

It was during spring 2013 that a man from Follo was granted work assessment allowance from Nav, writes Østlandets Blad.

The man’s case officer granted a visit to Spain for four weeks, without the man losing his right to his work seeking allowance. However, it was revealed that the man had stayed in Spain for a whole year. Nav requires that users who receive job seekers allowance or unemployment benefits should reside in Norway.

Now the man is convicted by the Follo District Court for gross fraud, and in addition to paying back the money, he has to serve a 90-day prison sentence. Due to the long wait, before the case came up before the District Court, the man received a reduced sentence. The verdict is not conditional.

Nav has reported fraud from claimants abroad for over 160 million kroner since 2011. Sweden, Thailand and Spain are among the countries most often involved in such fraud cases by Norwegians staying abroad.


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2 Comments on "Nav claimant must repay NOK 365K"

  1. Sweden, Thailand and Spain are not involved in the fraud. Who are involved in the fraud are norwegians.

  2. It should be obvious that it is Norwegians that commit these crimes in those countries, but we will clarify.

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