NAV Rogaland: People have realized the weight of the situation

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Nav Rogaland has praised the community spirit of the region and the attitude among the unemployed. The agency believes the view of the oil industry’s future has changed markedly over the past year.

When unemployment rose here in 2014, there were many who thought that there would come jobs again, as has always been in the oil industry. But the industry cuts costs to remain competitive in the future, so the jobs will hardly come back. Many have accepted this reality, said county director of Nav Rogaland, Truls Nordahl, to the news agency NTB.

He is optimistic about the long-term, but expects unemployment to rise further before it turns and that the projects that are underway, are having an effect on job creation. It could take one or two years, he believes.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today