Nav said nearly 50% of long-term unemployed people find work when there’s no unemployment benefit

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According to Nav, nearly half of the long-term unemployed had a job six months after their unemployment benefits ended, and 20% were still job seekers.


‘We see that more people get work around the time when they lose unemployment benefits. This is because they apply for more positions when it is nearing the end of the unemployment benefit period, and they may also say yes to positions they would not previously have taken.
Perhaps it is also thanks to, for example, it being easier to get jobs in other parts of the country, or in other industries than they previously worked’, said Nav’s labour market expert, Johannes Sørbø, to E24 newspaper.
Nav recently conducted a survey to see how many had returned to work six months after reaching their maximum benefit allowance.
They concluded that 44% of the 6,113 people who participated in the survey were in employment again half a year after their unemployment benefits ended.
Of those who were not in work, 21% were off NAV’s registers, either registered as self-employed, homeless, deceased, or they’d emigrated. 19% were unemployed without gaining NAV support, 6% had retired, and 4% received social assistance, or were participating in a qualification programme.
What had become of the other 6% was left unexplained.



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  1. Are they actually paying people to pull these statistics and create reports?
    This is why some people think tax money is thrown away. Funding parasites and bureaucracy handling them is just extra cost.

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