Nav sponsoring ‘healer’ education

NAVLogo NAV. Photo Norway Today Media

Nav has given public support for more people to take ‘healer’ education or courses at several alternative schools.

Vårt Land newspaper wrote about carpenter, Daniel Andre Lystad, who received support to retrain and become a so-called ‘Rainbow Reiki master’.

‘I was very surprised that Nav said yes’, said Lystad.

He will get health benefit money (avklaringspenger) for the next two years so that he can retrain to become a certified 1st dan master in the Japanese holistic health and massage technique. Educationally, the course runs over eighteen months, and costs close to 80,000 kroner.

Vårt Land newspaper contacted six alternative health schools in Norway, of which five reported that they have, or have had, one or more pupils who received government support to take vocational courses with them.

Section Manager, Jan Erik Grundtjernlien, confirmed that he is aware that Nav had supported an ‘alternative’ educational channel.

‘But it’s enough only for a very limited area’, he said.

Physiology Professor, Kristian Gundersen of the University of Oslo, does not necessarily oppose the state supporting such education.

‘I understand that Nav provides grants for courses that can improve a person’s opportunities in the labour market.

I am not in any doubt that a number of alternative businesses are profitable. But I believe Nav should also have one additional criterion for support, is the business of benefit to society?’


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today