NAV: The number of job seekers in Norway decreased by 3,000 in December

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In mid-December, 115,100 people were registered as unemployed at the NAV. That constitutes 4.1% of the Norwegian labor force and is 3,300 fewer than in November.

The figure includes completely unemployed people, partially unemployed people, and job seekers on NAV measures.

A total of 61,000 people were registered as completely unemployed in mid-December – that amounts to 2.2% of the labor force. 7. 800 of these have been laid off. The laid-off make up a total of 0.6% of the Norwegian labor force.

Infection control measures not affecting the figures – yet

“The latest infection control measures have led to several warnings of layoffs but are not yet showing up in terms of rising unemployment. 

Both the tightening of measures and the support schemes have the power of affecting the labor market, but to what extent, that remains to be seen, NAV chief Hans Christian Holte stated.

Gross unemployment, which is the sum of the completely unemployed and job seekers on NAV measures, amounts to 77,300 people, or 2.7% of the labor force. In addition, 37,900 people are registered as partially unemployed.

More unemployment in Oslo

In Oslo, unemployment increased for the first time since March. In December, 16,434 people were registered as completely or partially unemployed in Oslo.

That is an increase of 251 people compared to last month, but a decrease of 18,161 people compared to the same time last year.

A total of 10,723 people are registered as completely unemployed, while 5,711 are partially unemployed in the capital.

The number of layoffs in Oslo is increasing

“The number of layoffs increased by 95 people from November to December as a consequence of the infection control measures that were introduced last week. The majority of those who have been laid off so far in December work in tourism and transport,” Thone Nordlund, acting director of Nav Oslo, stated.

Nordlund reckons that the number of layoffs will increase sharply in the coming weeks.

In total, 2.7% of the labor force in Oslo is completely unemployed, while 1.4% is partially unemployed.

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