Nav tightens employees’ security routines

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Nav is tightening its security routines to prevent attacks on employees in the light of the recent social security scandal.

“When a case like this happens, it has huge media coverage. Sometimes it can ‘flare up’, you’ll never know. It does not have to be those affected by the EEA matter, but it can affect other people who are already living a demanding life,” says Nav’s HR Director Gunhild Løkkevold to Dagbladet.

All Nav units have been requested to take an additional look at possible threats and employees have been asked to exercise extra vigilance. Another precautionary measure is to double-check with their employees if the existing security routines are followed, which among other things, require people to identify themselves in order to get in touch with Nav staff.

Last year, 2,000 cases were registered in which employees were exposed to violence, threats or harassment. So far, no cases of violence or threats related to the social security case have been registered but there have been “a few” cases of unwanted incidents against employees after the case became known.

The EU’s new social security rules became part of Norwegian law in 2012 but Nav recently erred in its interpretation of the rules regarding sick pay and unemployment benefits when recipients of the welfare travelled to the EU or the EEA. Around 2,400 people may have had unlawful claims against them and at least 48 people have been wrongfully convicted of social security fraud.  

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