The 1000-note has a new look

1000 Kroner1000 Kroner.Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB scanpix

The new 1000-krone banknote was introduced on Thursday. With that, the new banknote series is complete.

The motif by Edvard Munch has been replaced by a wave on the high seas. At the back of the new banknote you can see the sea stretching out to the horizon.

“The wave tells us about the sea as a counter force we care about, and about a driving force that brings us forward,” Norges Bank tells about the choice of motives.

The sea has been chosen because it has been the basis for Norway’s wealth, our contact with the outside world and our future optimism.

“The sea gives us challenges, good experiences and a horizon to look into – towards the infinite, and the unknown,” Norges Bank reflects poetically.

Valid for one year
At the top right of the banknote is a puffin. The head of the puffin and the denomination have been used as a watermark on all notes.

The new banknote series is now completed. New 100- and 200-kroner banknotes were introduced in 2017, and the following year came a new 50- and 500-kroner banknote. Kirsten Flagstad and Kristian Birkeland were replaced by cod and Viking ships. The banknote collection is further adorned by sailboats, lighthouses and waves.

The outgoing 1000-note can still be used in stores for one year from today’s date. Then, for ten years, it is possible to exchange it with Norges Bank.

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