Nearing stock records for lambs and sheep

Sheep wolf killing tunnelsSheep with lambs . Photo: Norway Today Media

The stocks of lamb and sheep are approaching the largest volume in nearly 15 years, writes Nationen.

Recent Nortura stock statistics for week 48 show that lamb stocks increased from 2,712 tons to 2,774 tons in just one week. For sheep, there is a decrease from 447 tons to 355 tons, the newspaper writes.

“There is a lot in stock now, but we expect that we have now seen the peak for this year,” says Ole Nikolai Skulberg at Nortura Totalmarked.

At the end of week 48, there were a total of 3,129 tons of sheep and lamb in regulatory stock, a meager decline of 30 tons from week 47. This corresponds to around 154,000 lambs and 11,000 sheep.

In recent years, the trend has been that the stock has continued to increase in December and the first weeks of January.

The stock can thus reach the largest volume in almost 15 years.

Only during a short period in late 2016 and early 2017 has there been more sheep and lambs in stock than now, the newspaper writes. It then peaked with 3,483 tons of sheep and lamb.

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