Nearly 4,000 bus drivers could go on strike on Sunday

BusBus.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

Bus traffic in Oslo and Viken can stop completely on Sunday, if there is no agreement between the unions and the employers’ organizations.

A total of 3,757 bus drivers could go on strike on Sunday, the Professional Traffic Association (Yrkestrafikkforbundet) informs NTB.

Negotiations between Yrkestrafikkforbundet, Fellesforbundet, Fagforbundet and Jernbaneforbundet and the employers’ organizations NHO Transport and Spekter stopped on 4 September. Thus, the parties must reconvene on Friday with a deadline of midnight on Saturday night.

– Our counterpart came to the negotiating table without any intention of meeting us. We demand that employers fulfill the promise of wages more in line with industrial workers’ wages. In addition, we have a requirement for time to perform a safety check before each bus trip starts, says chief negotiator for Yrkestrafikkforbundet Linda Jæger in a press release.

The Norwegian Railway Association (Jernbaneforbundet) also believes that the bus sector is lagging behind in wage developments.

– We can not accept that the bus drivers lose purchasing power, says union leader Jane Brekkhus Sæthre in a press release.

– We enter into a demanding mediation, but we are always willing to find solutions, she says.

If there is a strike, all scheduled buses in Oslo and Viken, except for the buses to Gardermoen, will be affected, writes FriFagbevegelse.

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