Nearly four out of ten breaks Working Environment Act

LO, The Norwegian Confederation of Trade UnionsOSLO. LO (The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions) Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / SCANPIX

During the past month LO’s summer patrol registered violations at 36.5 per cent of the jobs.

– We still see many of the same problems we’ve seen in the past decade: Missing employment contract, lack of training, rules around overtime and break provisions are most frequent offenders, said summer patrols manager Paul Henriksen Spjelkavik to news agency  NTB.

He believes this year’s figures are high but it is justified by detecting open cases around safety delegate rules.
– There is very high. The last ten years we have been at about 20 percent each year. The reason for the increase is mainly because we have started to compile statistics on violations in connection with the safety delegate scheme at workplaces, said Spjelkavik.

Importance of safety delegate:

– We believe it is very important to have safety representatives available when you’re on a young summer substitute position. One must feel safe in the workplace to be able to take things with a colleague, he adds.

The general rule is that all businesses in Norway must have a safety representative. LO has registered a number of cases where safety representatives are not elected by the employees, where summer temps do not know who the safety representative or where there are no safety representative existing.

– Carelessness and missed

LO visited 6,243 jobs over the past month and have recorded violations in 2279 of them. One of the most common mistakes among enterprises is lack of employment contract. This year’s squad revealed 351 workers without a contract.
This year there is an increase in the number of violations related to privacy information.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today