“New and improved” tax return system in pipeline

tax returnIllustration.Altinn, tax return.Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB Scanpix

Forget the tax money coming in late June. Forget that the Tax Administration uses weeks to process the tax return.From next year there will be major upheavals.

‘’Isn’t that great? It will be much better!’’said director of user dialogue, Marta Johanne Gjengedal of the Tax Administration.

From 2020, the Tax Administration phases in a new system for handling tax reporting.

The first thing people will notice is that the pre-completed tax return will come earlier than before. Until now, it has come in early April, but the plan is that it will be sent out by batch a period ahead of this.

‘’It is difficult to promise exactly when it will come, because we depend on the information that comes in to us’’ said Gjengedal to NTB

Quick tax settlement

Nowadays many are waiting for the final tax settlement to come in late June, although the deadline for filing the tax return was over one month ago (April 30).

‘’With the new system you get the tax settlement right after you submit the changes you have.

Within a short time you will know how much money you owe in arrears or receive in benefit’’ said Gjengedal.

In principle, this means that you could get the tax settlement early in April.

‘’We hope that many will visit and review the tax return and make any changes as soon as it arrives. It is good for all parties that it happens quickly and correctly’’ said Gjengedal.

The money will come earlier

The Tax Administration has a carrot on a stick to get people to deliver early.

‘’Instead of everyone being paid the money they have as a benefit at the same time in June as it is today, the payment is tied up to when you deliver.

The plan is that the money will come shortly after you have delivered’’ she said.

Thus, the money will come into your account several weeks earlier than now. The tax authorities are currently uncertain as to how quickly the payment will be made, but the hope is that it will be days or a couple of weeks after submission.

Checking requirements

‘’Before the money is paid, we must check if you owe money to the state or others to be withdrawn. For example, social security expenses, child support or other claims. This may take some time’’ explained Gjengedal.

There is also another risk that any payments may be delayed. As with the current system, some could be told that they have been picked out for closer inspection before the tax settlement is handed out.

‘’Today, about 10% are picked out for such control’’ said Gjengedal.

New interface

The new digital solution for tax reporting will also be more user-friendly.

‘’People will be able to get more customised explanations and guides for each entry along the way. Today, they themselves have to look up the guidelines on the Tax Administration’s website’’ said Gjengedal.

A test group have already tried the system this year and three out of four thought it worked well.

According to the plan, the new tax return for wage earners and pensioners will be completed in 2021, but most of the changes will already come by next year.

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