Car sales still drops in the EU

Car Sales EUCar Sales in the EU drops for 3rd month in a row. Photo:

New car sales in the EU fall for the third consecutive month

Sales of new cars in the EU fell by 8 per cent in November compared with the same period last year. This is the third consecutive month of a decline in new car sales.


The European Association for Car Manufacturers (ACEA) believes the negative trend is due to the new emission requirements introduced on September 1.

Then, the Old European Driving Cycle (NDEC) was replaced with the measurement method Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP).

WLTP has greater variety and takes more account of an average driving pattern, which gives a more realistic picture of the car’s actual emissions and fuel consumption. The new method provides higher CO2 emissions and fuel consumption than the old one.

“In anticipation of the introduction of the new WLTP test in September, the number of new registrations of cars jumped by 31.2 per cent in August, which has led to a fall in demand in the months after,” the ACEA writes in a statement.

A total of 1.12 million new cars were registered in the EU in November.

During the January to November period, Volkswagen, the market leader in the EU, accounted for 23.9 per cent of new car sales. French PSA and Renault were on second and third place on market share by 16.3 and 10.6 per cent respectively, followed by Fiat-Chrysler by 6.7 per cent and Ford by 6.4 per cent.


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