New fines proposed for uninsured cars

carCar in traffic. Photo Norway Today Media.

The Ministry of Finance has circulated for comment, a proposal that you have to pay a fine of 150 per day if you do not insure your car.

The aim is to ensure that there are fewer uninsured vehicles in traffic.

Currently, 135 000 (or 3.4%) of Norwegian motor vehicles are circulating without insurance.

‘This is a risk for all the others who are law-abiding road users’, said Minister of Finance,Siv Jensen, to VG newspaper.

Sweden has a similar scheme, and there they have only one percent of their vehicles uninsured.

According to the proposal, the fine for passenger cars is estimated at around 150 kroner per day.

The Insurance Association (Forsikringsforeningen – TFF), of whom all insurance companies that offer traffic insurance in Norway must be a member, will be responsible for collection of the fine.

The scheme also applies to snowmobiles, mopeds and motorcycles.Revenues from fines will go to cover the damages caused by uninsured,
and unidentified vehicles, which are estimated to cost 110- 120 million per year.

Today it is the insurers, and thus actually those motorists who do have insurance,who cover this.

The scheme is planned to be introduced from 1 January, 2018,in connection to the change from annual fees to a traffic insurance fee.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today