New job placement facilities to help people with disabilities

Minister of Labor Anniken Hauglie, and Prime Minister Erna SolbergMinister of Labor Anniken Hauglie(L), and Prime Minister Erna Solberg.Photo: Mariam Butt / NTB scanpix

The government is setting aside an additional 15 million NOK from next year’s budget for 125 new placement facilities to assist people with disabilities with job placement, but Functional Disability Joint Organization would love to have more.


“All measures that help increase the number of disabled people come into jobs are good. But we are doubtful that is this enough,” says Secretary General Lilly Ann Elvestad of the Functional Disability Joint Organization to NTB.

“You can not reach the goal at all with this grant,” she says.

New money
As far as the NTB is aware, the government went into the budget conference in August to increase transfers for the permanently disabled workforce, abbreviated VTA. The scheme will provide an offer for disabled people who need special arrangements and follow-up.

In addition to the extra 15 million NOK, the government plans to reallocate 11 million NOK to a three-year attempt with VTA in municipal government, equivalent to about 75 seats. This also does not make the FFO cheer without reservation.

“We are critical of a municipal test scheme.we already have a great scheme working in cooperation between Nav and supporting companies. We are uncertain about the quality and content of a municipal offer,” says Elvestad.

More places
Since the turn of the government there has been an increase of 500 positions in the VTA scheme. In 2017 there were 9,700 such positions, which will amount to 9,825 next year.

“In order to meet the future needs of welfare and services, we need the most work possible. People with disabilities and other people who need permanent work have a lot to do, says Minister of Labor Anniken Hauglie (H), who was in Moss earlier this week and visited a VTA company.

“A 22 year old girl, who had a tough start on life, told her about how she flourished when she was in a safe workplace with close follow-up. She is now on her way out to an ordinary job. It tells me that there is an infinite desire in every one, only we can make the arrangements for those who need it,” says the minister.


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