New potatoes on their way to stores


This year’s new potatoes are on their way to the grocery stores. This week, a large number of manufacturers send out 200 tonnes of products out on the market.


“They must be enjoyed while fresh and we do everything we can to shorten the time from the farm to table,” says Knut Salve Lunden in the producer organization Gartnerhallen in a press release.

It is said there has been some challenges with irrigation prior to the harvest of the year. However, the long winter, replaced by a strong heat, has largely been lucky for the potatoes, according to the Gartner Hall.

“Normally there is a risk of night frost and we protect the potatoes with non-woven fabrics, but this spring was late and we didn’t experience night frosts which was good for the new potatoes,” Lunden says.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today