The majority believe the United States has become worse under Trump

President Donald TrumpPresident Donald Trump.Photo. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

52 percent of respondents said the conditions in the US are worse now than they were before Donald Trump became president. Only a few believe the country is on the right track.


The Americans have a pessimistic view of the United States’ future by the end of 2017, shows a new poll conducted by the Norwegian Center for Public Affairs Research for the news agency AP.

The survey shows that less than a quarter of Americans believe that Trump has fulfilled his electoral promises, including eliminating Obamacare, getting the United States out from the nuclear agreement with Iran and investing huge money in its own infrastructure.

Among the Republican voters, half say they think Trump has meet his promises.

Only three out of ten Americans say the US is heading in the right direction, while 52 percent say that the country has worsened during the Trump regime.

Although in a previous survey that NORC did for AP in October, seven to ten said they thought Trump has done a bad job, and only 24 percent believed that the country was moving in the right direction.


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