New record for poultry meat in 2019

poultry meatPoultry meat.Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

While red meat production and sales declined sharply in 2019, poultry slaughter increased by 9 percent last year. Consumption has increased by 31.5 per cent since 2010.

This shows figures from the Agriculture Directorate, which the newspaper The Nation has access to.

The Directorate of Agriculture has registered 106,856 tonnes of slaughtered poultry in 2019. This is 8.9 per cent more than the previous year and the highest level ever recorded.

Well over 90 per cent of poultry meat production in Norway is chicken, and the growth for chicken production has been stronger in recent years than for poultry in general. In 2019, 97,806 tonnes of chicken were slaughtered, 9.9 per cent more than the previous year, which is a new record.

The consumption of chicken has also risen sharply, and growth since 2010 has been 23,400 tonnes, or 31.5 per cent.

Production of poultry meat is governed by contracts and is continuously adjusted according to demand. Thus, there is a greater correlation between consumption and slaughter of poultry than other meat types.

The strong growth in poultry meat does not offset the decline in red meat production, which was down 4.5 percent last year, according to figures from industry organisation Animalia. Total meat production in 2019 is likely to end at just under 350,000 tonnes, down 0.8 per cent from 2018.

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