New regulations secure Britons in Norway after Brexit

Britain Brexit EU FlagBrexit.Photo: Pixabay

The Ministry of Justice has adopted a temporary regulation ensuring the right of continued residence for British citizens living in Norway and their family members.

The regulation applies to anyone who has a valid right of residence or permanent residence in Norway at the time the UK leaves the EU. This guarantees the continuation of the rights of all who has the right of free movement before leaving the United Kingdom, informs the ministry.

Furthermore, the regulation applies to British citizens who are employed or self-employed in Norway, but as a rule return to their home country at least once a week and continue to carry on such activities after Brexit.

British citizens who are service providers in Norway and work on temporary assignments at the time the UK leaves the EU, are also covered by the temporary regulations.

The regulation applies only if the UK leaves the EU without a withdrawal agreement.

The temporary regulations entail a continuation of existing rights, and no application for residence under the regulations shall be submitted.

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