New road can mean travel time of four hours between Oslo and Bergen

Car on roadCar on road. Photo Norway Today Media


The state-owned company Nye Veier will build the E134 with four lanes and a speed limit of 110 km per hour. It could provide a travel time of four hours between Oslo and Bergen.

The government has asked Nye Veier to propose routes they can take over. They have now done so, and one of the routes is E134. The proposal was presented at a road conference in Tysvær on Thursday, reports NRK.

“We see that we can manage to reduce the travel time to about four hours,” says CEO Anette Aanesland of Nye Veier AS.

Such an extension is currently estimated to cost between NOK 120 and 150 billion.

“Today’s road is very vulnerable to accidents. The new road will have centerpieces that are one of the best things we can do to reduce the number of crashes,” says Aanesland.

The process of developing the main road between eastern Norway and western Norway has been a lengthy process. In 2015, the government decided to focus on E134 as a new main road.

However, Bane Nor believes that you get more for your money by building high-speed trains on the same route.

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