‘New Roads’ and Tax autohorities with efforts to combat crime

Road constructionRoad construction.Photo: Norway Today Media

In order to ensure that suppliers and subcontractors in the construction sector act in accordance with Norwegian laws, the Tax Administration and ‘New Roads’ have joined forces.

The agreement allows the state funded developers ‘Nye Veier’ to obtain confidential information from the tax authorities regarding suppliers, subcontractors and employee payroll’s.

The aim is to exchange information that helps ensure the developer serious suppliers who act in accordance with Norwegian laws and regulations.

– We are committed to seriousness and strive for all our suppliers and subcontractors to comply with laws related to taxes and fees, as well as Norwegian labour standards, Managing Director of Nye Veier AS, Ingrid Dahl Hovland, said.

The Tax Administration is very pleased that a major state developer is involved in the fight against employment crime.

– We know from experience that this is a means that will eliminate suppliers that are not serious, regional director of the tax department, Øivind Strømme.

The Tax Authorities have previously entered into similar agreements on information exchange with Statsbygg, Bane Nor and Oslo Municipality.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today