New rules for buying and selling cars

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If you want to buy or sell a car this spring, there are several new rules you should be aware of.

From April 29, the re-registration fee can no longer be paid at a traffic station.

The State Public Roads Administration receives over one million sales notices each year. Eight out of ten are already doing this online, and now they want even more to use the digital self-service solutions.

The fastest way is to pay the re-registration fee directly on At the same time, you can print out a temporary vehicle card and use the car immediately, if you also have your insurance in order, says Lars Normann Leivseth Johansen in the Tax Administration.

If you are unable to use the digital services, you must contact the Norwegian Public Roads Administration to obtain payment information.

Another change that comes into effect on April 29, is that you need to identify yourself when you deliver a sales notice in paperform.We have introduced the identification requirement to safeguard the safety of those who buy or sell a car.

We are talking here of of big money that will change hands with the owner. We are concerned with securing the transactions, ” says Bodil Rønning Dreyer in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

When using the digital notifcation method, you will be identified when logging on.

Four day closure
If you want to sell or buy a car by the end of April, you must be aware that access to all the vehicle services at will be closed from April 25 to April 28 due to a change to the new motor vehicle register.

During this period, it will not be possible to buy temporary signs, send sales notices , pay re-registration fees, carry out re-registration or deregister vehicles.

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