New scrappage will be in place by summer

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The new scrap vehicle deposit for recreational boats, caravans, vans and motorbikes budget partners introduces, might be adjusted at several points before putting it into practice.

– The end result may differ somewhat from the draft agreement in the budget compromise.

For example, it is not likely that you will get as big scrappage if you deliver a small dinghy rather than a 15-foot boat, says Progress Party finance politician Roy Steffensen to news agency NTB.

The budget agreement is now being considered by the Energy and Environment Committee of the Parliament, where the four cooperating parties can make some changes.

Then the Climate and Environment Ministry department will go through the details and ensure a final design.

– The aim is that the scrappage scheme is started before summer 2017, says Steffensen.

Budget compromise from Saturday puts 300 million to the new scrappage scheme next year. The purpose is to encourage the replacement of older, polluting vehicles.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today