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New Vipps use record despite technical problems on May 17th

VippsVipps. Photo:

With over 1 million transactions, the payment service Vipp’s new record was set on May 17 – despite technical problems during the national day.

“Yesterday there was a new record set, and it was the first time we had one million transactions in a day. Altogether, more than 3.3 million Norwegians have downloaded Vipps, and the app was used extensively on May 17,” says communication manager Hanne Kjærnes from Vipps to NTB.

In total, Vipps reached 1,069,770 transactions on the national holiday, an increase of about 49 percent from May 17 last year, when the figure was 720,000.

The record happened despite the fact that the payment service experienced technical problems Friday morning, which for some time affected the hotdog, ice cream and cake sales across the country.

“This meant that some users had trouble getting paid, and that during a period when many schools, teams and associations use Vipps. We are very sorry that this is happening, as this is the one day that it is especially important that everything works. Friend payment worked as normal, and we know that in some places they used this solution instead,” says Kjærnes.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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