Head of NHO: Brexit will not strengthen Norway

NHO chief Kristin Skogen LundNHO chief Kristin Skogen Lund .Photo: NHO

The head of NHO,  Kristin Skogen Lund, do not think Norway and a  UK  which has left the EU can join together for a common agreement with the EU.

– Because of the EEA Agreement, we are committed to follow the EU in a number of areas.But Britain is leaving the  EU in order to escape just this. So I do not think the two countries’ external conditions  and aims fit together very well, she says to newspaper Aftenposten.
She also believe the EU will treat British strictly in negotiations of a possible brexit and that they will get a different affiliation to the Union than  Norwegian one. This will not strengthen Norway’s status with the EU, she says.
The head of NHO  thinks the uncertainty that would result if a brexit becomes a reality, will affect Norwegian interests and industry.
– If Britain leaves the EU, it will increase the uncertainty in Europe. That’s not good for the world and it is not good for Norwegian industry.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today