Nine out of ten charge their electric car most often at home now

electric car parkingElectric car charging. Photo:

As many as 96 % of electric car owners in detached houses charge at least once a week, while the same applies to 65 % of those living in apartments. Fewer charge at work.

Figures are from a survey conducted in connection with the research project ELAN (Electromobility Lab Norway), led by the Institute of Transport Economics (TØI).

“Most people manage with home charging, over 90 % charge mainly at home. In the future, workplace charging will primarily be a point for those who cannot charge at home, possibly with very long commuting distance, as well as those who have the oldest cars,” says research leader Erik Figenbaum at TØI to Dagsavisen.

On average, electric car owners charge 4.4 times at home a week and 1.1 times at work.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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