Nine out of ten companies in Oslo say no to summer vacancies

Still summer jobs to get all over the countryStill summer jobs to get all over the country.Photo: Per Løchen / Scanpix

This year, it will be difficult for the youth to make money during the summer holidays. In a new survey, nine out of ten Oslo companies respond that they do not want to take summer intern jobs.

The figures come from the employer organization Virke, which organizes many companies that typically collect summer vacancies, writes Dagsavisen.

Of the companies that will use summer aid this year, 26 percent say they will need fewer temporary workers than before.

Last year, 25 percent of Virke companies had summer jobs.

– “Many students and young adults are in a situation where they cannot pay rent, and they lose revenue they have budgeted for. In the long term, this will make it harder for many young people who do not have work experience to enter the labor market later. It is the youth who are most severely affected by this virus right now,” says fiscal policy spokeswoman Anne Rygg of Oslo Right.

In the city council, the party has demanded its own measures in the revised budget to secure young summer jobs.

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