NOK 122 million for Pedestrian and Cycle paths


– We want to take better care of “soft” road users, and therefore allocate NOK 122 million towards pedestrian- and cycle paths for 2017.

The money will be used for rapid implementation of measures to better conditions for  pedestrians and cyclists, says Minister of Transports Ketil Solvik-Olsen.

The grants are distributed to 50 different counties and encompass 80 different measures. The Road Authority (Vegvesenet) received a total of 64 applications.

– I am pleased that we now provide additional funding for so many exciting initiatives across Norway. This will undoubtedly contribute to better road safety, according to the Minister.

The measures who have received grants include bicycle lanes and parking, pedestrian paths and improved road signs.

Nord-Trøndelag get the largest slice of the pie with more than NOK 15 million .


Source: The Ministry of Transport  / Norway Today


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  1. Lawrence Kaoma | 23. February 2017 at 13:23 |

    Passenger Pedestrian and Cyclist Association of Zambia (PAPECA) is an NGO registered in Zambia. PAPECA was established in 1989 to campaign for safety, comfort and better welfare for passengers, pedestrian and cyclist in our country. in Zambia we are supplementing the government ‘s effort in reducing road crushes.

    We have about 14 000.000.00 people in our country with 10 Provinces. In 2016, 2206 People died in road crushes of which 42% were pedestrians, so because of lack of sensitization, People tend to use public roads anyhow resulting to many deaths of citizens especially the rural populations. Within our little resources we are failing to meet the required sensitization.

    It is for this reason we are appealing to you to help us,
    1. Reflective Vests for Pedestrians and cyclists so that they are visible at night.
    2. some Helmets for cyclist.
    3. Road safety Books for beginners ……… we want to intensify road safety campaigns in all provinces of our Country.
    4. Funding for sensitization… e.t.c

    Your considerable response will be highly appreciated,
    yours faithfully

    Lawrence Kaoma
    PAPECA President
    Cell: +260 977 820 705
    P.o.Box 30771
    Lusaka – Zambia

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