Nordic cooperation on water will provide jobs

Nordic cooperation on water will provide jobsWater.Photo

At least 663 million people in the world lack access to water and 2.4 billion have poor sanitation. Norway and the Nordic region want to improve the situation and at the same time create new jobs.

EEA and EU minister Elisabeth Aspaker (H) will participate  at the Nordic commemoration of the International Water Day in Helsinki on Tuesday. The topic is how the Nordic countries can contribute to achieving the UN bærekraftmål, where water is a key factor.
– Water can contribute to a greener economy, create more jobs and sustainable development. Wiser and more efficient management of the world’s scarce water resources is a prerequisite if we are to achieve the sustainable developmental objective of the UN  of clean water and sanitation, and proper work and economic growth for everyone by 2030, Aspaker and State Secretary Tone Skogen write in an article in Dagsavisen Tuesday.
Global Risk Report 2016 states that access to water in the future will be the greatest risk factor for the economic development in the world.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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