NORDREGIO REPORT: Norwegians Most Affluent

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With Denmark & Iceland trailing closely, a Nordregio report indicates that Norway is currently leading the Nordic countries in gross domestic product (GDP) per capita.


General Secretary Dagfinn Høybråten of the Nordic Council of Ministers said of the report; (titled State of the Nordic Region) ‘This illustrates Nordic cooperation at its absolute best.

The report highlights and details successes and challenges in key areas of society. It gives a holistic perspective on developments within the entire
Nordic region and will help decision makers design new policies.’

The Nordregio report examines 74 Nordic regions, comparing economic, population development and labor market conditions. The report concludes that of the Nordic countries, Norway offers the best balance. However, most regions within Norway have decreased their overall standing within the applied index.

Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Sweden have improved their standings.

Comparing various economic barometers and the labor market, the Nordic region is above average within the EU.

Overall, the Nordic countries account for 7% of foreign investment among European countries but holds only 4% of the population numbers.

The report highlighted areas capable of improvement including the elderly population & urbanization. It also focus’ upon the challenges of integrating immigrants into the labor market.

The Nordregio report also highlights the Nordic region as the most digitized among the EU, the strongest applying innovation and also of the great potential in sustainable growth based on the Nordic region’s natural resources.


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