Norwegian employers believe in rise in employment opportunities

MetalworkerMetalworker: Jan Haas / NTB scanpix

Norwegian employers are slightly more optimistic, and believe in a rise of new appointments over a period ofn time, showed a survey from the ManpowerGroup Agency.


According to the CEO of the ManpowerGroup Agency, Maalfrid Brath, the company’s fourth quarter labour market barometer shows a ‘sober optimism’ in the Norwegian labour market.

‘We’ve seen a positive development in the latest measurement. The mood is more cautiously optimistic than in the previous quarter, but the main trend is still positive, and the curve is pointing upwards’, said Brath.

According to the survey, it’s expected that employment will expand in six out of nine sectors. The strongest optimism is in the fields of oil and gas.

‘Increased exploration activity, and several new oil discoveries have boosted optimism among employers in these sectors. It’s welcome news for a large number of skilled workers across the country’, said Brath.
According to the survey, optimism is greatest in Central Norway, and lowest in the Southwest of the country.


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