Norsvin will fight wild boar in Norway

Wild boarWild boar. Photo: Politiet

The spread of wild boar and swine fever is severe. A fight plan for wild boars should have been made instead of an action plan, Norsvin believes.

Norsvin believes that the lack of action that the Environment Directorate and the Norwegian Food Safety Authority show in it’s action plan must be addressed at a political level, states a press release from Norsvin.

The main goal of the plan is to minimize wild boar in Norway, and for them to spread over a minimum area. However, Norsvin believes that the plan is more like a management plan for wild boar.

One of the most important measures to prevent African swine fever from coming to Norway is to remove the wild pigs. The plan of action does not meet the expectations of preventing the disease, Norsvin believes.

– Everyone talks about “prevention is better than a cure”. Norsvin believes that the authorities do not take their responsibility to prevent the introduction of a serious infectious disease that can have serious consequences for animal health and Norwegian pig production, Norsvin writes.

The Norwegian Veterinary Association has also advocated killing wild boar. The counter-arguments against this are that it will be impossible, because the amount of wild boar is too large. Norsvin believes that it is possible if the will is present.

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