Nortura discontinues operations at Otta – 78 employees affected

The food industry has invested billions in new plant The company Nortura.Photo: Ned Alley / NTB scanpix

Nortura is shutting down a pig butchering plant at Otta and moving the activity to Rudshøgda. 78 employees are affected.

The changes result in savings of just over 30 million annually, Nortura reports in a press release.

– “It’s a painful situation, but we believe we must have fewer facilities going forward to create profitability for the company and the farmer. Nortura currently has an overcapacity in production that is not sustainable. There is also a great need to invest in technology and equipment,” says Chairman Trine Hasvang Vaag of Nortura.

A total of 78 employees – 15 employees at Rudshøgda and 63 employees at Otta – are affected when the Otta plant in Oppland is closed down and the activity is moved almost 150 kilometers south to Nortura’s plant at Rudshøgda in Hedmark.

– “There is no doubt that this is a tough day for many Nortura employees and Otta as a local community. This is a cornerstone business in the right sense, and the decision to close this traditional factory has not been easy,” says Vaag.

– “A total of 78 employees will be in the process of restructuring. Already from today, the process will begin to help each employee transition to the road ahead, and into a new job either in or outside Nortura,” says Vaag.

The restructuring will take place in 2020.

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