Norway delivered a record volume of gas last year

picture of gas pipesIllustration.Kollsnes. (NTB-foto: Marit Hommedal) oljeindustri
Never before has it been delivered more gas from Norway to Europe. In 2015 was 108 billion cubic meters of gas sent from the Norwegian continental shelf to the Continent.
The deliverables from the Norwegian continental shelf to receiving terminals in Germany, Belgium, France and the UK rose from 101 bcm in 2014 to 108 billion in 2015, says communications director Kjell Larsen in Gassco to the website Sysla.
On November the 22 it was set a new historical delivery record for one day with the whole 365.3 million standard cubic meters.
Over 30 per cent of Norwegian gas, exports are going through the processing facility at Kollsnes outside Bergen.
According to Statistics Norway, is the value of Norwegian natural gas exports for the first 11 months in 2015 NOK 208 billion. By in comparison, was  the exports value of crude oil NOK 185 billion for the same period.
Source: NTB scanpix/ Norway Today