Norway agree with EU on fisheries

fisheriesReine in Lofoten. Photo: Marianne Løvland / NTB scanpix

Norway draws an agreement with EU on fisheries

The fisheries agreement for 2019 between Norway and the EU is ready.


The agreement also applies to the UK.

“If there would be a so-called “hard Brexit”, that is, Britain leaves the EU without a transitional agreement, I will take the initiative to ensure that all parties meet quickly to ensure Norwegian fishing interests,” said Minister of Fisheries, Harald Tom Nesvik of Fremskrittsparti (Frp).

However, the agreements for 2019 applies to both the UK and the EU. The negotiations themselves took place in Bergen last week and this week.

Since the return of several fish stocks, the year’s quotas have been reduced. The total quota for cod from the North Sea was reduced by 33%. Norway receives 5,004 tonnes. The quota for herring was also reduced, while the quota for haddock has increased.

There has also been agreement on shrimp for the first half-year. Norway is allowed to fish 4,608 tonnes. The parties are looking at the second half of the spring after the Institute of Marine Research has completed a survey.

Fishermen in the EU are no longer allowed to throw out fish, and stricter controls will be introduced. An agreement has also been entered into regarding a quota change. The EU receives cod, pollock, and the haddock quota in exchange for, among other things, blue whiting, ling, and cusk.


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