Norway and the EU must cooperate against VAT fraud

Siv Jensen, Share Tax exemptions G20 Summit tour of eastern Norway Budget bankrupt Labour cabinMinster of Finance for the Progressive Party (FRP), Siv Jensen. Photo: Progress Party

Finance Minister Siv Jensen (Frp) has signed an agreement with the EU on cooperation to reveal fraudsters trying to avoid VAT.

The agreement was signed in Sofia on Tuesday.

“It’s about fighting fraud. The agreement gives Norwegian tax authorities the opportunity to collaborate much more effectively with the IRS in the EU member states, “said Jensen on the telephone to NTB.

Norway and the EU have negotiated the new agreement since 2014. The agreement entails that Norway and the EU are helping each other with the collection of VAT and exchange information to ensure better control.

Jensen believes the cooperation will give the IRS better weapons in the fight against criminals trying to avoid VAT.

“It will be easier for the IRS to exchange information and uncover criminal networks, shady transactions and attempts to avoid taxation,” she says.

At the same time, the Minister of Finance is clear that the agreement will not lead Norway be more bound by the EU’s VAT policy than before. VAT policy is basically outside the scope of the EEA Agreement.

– This is a cooperation agreement to combat fraud. There is no attempt to incorporate tax issues into the EEA agreement, she assures.


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