Norway has exported weapons and military equipment to over 3 billion kroner

Børge BrendeBørge Brende ( Conservative Party ).

Exports of weapons and military equipment from Norway have increased by four percent from 2014 to 2015.

– There is a broad political consensus that Norway is to have a viable defense industry. This is to do with jobs, own defense capability and an important industrial sector which is driving the technology  both in military and civilian sectors, said Mr Brende (H) in a press release.
The White Paper on the export of defense material was submitted on Friday. In the White Paper it emerges that the export of weapons and ammunition amounted to around 2.8 billion kroner and other military goods amounted to 300 million kroner in 2015. In addition,  multi-purpose products, civilian goods for military use, for around 312 million were made.
Last year  25  of the applications for exports were rejected
– At the same time it is clear that armed conflicts and security threats in the world also challenges our  control over our exports. The Government takes the situation in such exposed areas very seriously, and each of  the export applications get a  thorough and individual evaluation,  Brende says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today