Norway has interpreted EU rules on retired/elderly rebate wrong

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The Ministry of Transport and Communications has discovered that the state has misinterpreted an EU regulation that affects the right of EEA citizens to a pay discount on public transport.

At the heart of the case is EEA citizens with disability benefits from another EEA countries are entitled to a retired/elderly rebate in Norway.

– “In connection with a complaint regarding the right to the retiree/elderly rebate, we have discovered that the state has misinterpreted an EU regulation,” says Transport Minister Jon Georg Dale (FRP) in a press release Friday afternoon.

-“This has meant that EEA citizens with disability insurance from an EEA country other than Norway have not received the discount they are entitled to,” he says.

As a result of the misinterpretation, the Ministry of Transport is now revising a circular on social discount schemes for public transport.

The circular describes who is entitled to social discounts on public transport with public subsidies. On the basis of this circular, Nav issues honor cards to those who are entitled to them.

Previous circular letters are now being replaced to clarify that the salary discount applies not only to persons receiving disability insurance under the National Insurance Act, but also to EEA citizens with a permanent statutory social security benefit based on at least 50 percent disability degree from a public insurance scheme in another EEA country.

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