Norway makes free trade agreement with Indonesia

President Joko WidodoJAKARTA, INDONESIA. President Joko Widodo.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

After several years of negotiations, EFTA, and thus Norway,have agreed on a free trade agreement with Indonesia.Norwegian companies have access to a large market.


Over 80% of Norway’s exports to Indonesia will be duty free when the agreement comes into force. After 12 years almost all exports to Indonesia will be duty free.

“The development in international trade means that free trade agreements mean very much for Norway. We know that trade agreements can boost exports for Norwegian companies,and they can help secure jobs across Norway” said Torbjørn Røe
Isaksen, Minister for Industry of Høyre (H).

The negotiations on the Free Trade Agreement were the topic when Fisheries Minister, Harald T. Nesvik of Fremskrittsparti(Frp) met his Indonesian colleague, Susi Pudjiastuti, in Bali last week.The Ministry stated that there are only a few minor issues surrounding the agreement, “which will be resolved in the near future”.

“The negotiations have been for almost eight years and have been demanding.The meeting I had with Indonesia’s Ministers for Fisheries was an important breakthrough, and I’m glad we’ve reached the goal”said a happy fisheries minister.

The agreement will be signed on the first possible occasion.

‘’Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous country,and the world’s second largest aquaculture country. With a growing middle class,the country can become an important market for Norwegian business.Not least, this is important for our seafood companies” said Nesvik.

Norway has 28 free trade agreements through EFTA. Four of them are in Asia: the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea.

We also have ongoing negotiations in Asia with India, China, Malaysia,and Vietnam.


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