President looks forward to the election in his 17th May speech

President, Olemic ThommesenOslo.Parliamentary President, Olemic Thommesen: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Parlamentiary President looks forward to the election in his 17th May speech

May 17th and the forthcoming parliamentary elections are two cubits from the same rod, said Parliamentary President, Olemic Thommesen, in his speech on Norway’s national day.

‘Today we celebrate our democratic rights. On election day this autumn we will use our democratic rights. The common denominator between the two is taking part’, said the Parliamentary president.

Held speech and laid down a wreath

For the third consecutive year, he held the speech and laid a wreath at the Christian Frederik statue in Eidsvolls plass outside the Parliament building.

‘Prince Christian Frederik led Norway’s liberation in 1814. When the fate of the nation was at stake, he showed political wisdom.’

‘He was convinced that the struggle for Norwegian independence had to be anchored in the body of the people through elections’, Thommesen said in the speech at 09.00 this morning, an hour before the children’s march passed the Parliament building.

‘The celebration on the day of our constitution expresses the love of a community, a deeply held belief that we share basic ideas about what a good society is’, said Thommesen.


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