Norway most expensive place in Europe together with Iceland and Switzerland

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Iceland, Switzerland and Norway had the highest prices in Europe in 2017according to the European purchasing power survey. Albania and Northern Macedonia were the cheapest.

The price level in Norway was 57% above the EU average, and thus came in third place behind the other two EFTA countries, Iceland (72%) and Switzerland (67%).

This was shown in the European purchasing power survey that Statistics Norway (SSB) provides.

The price level for alcohol and tobacco in Norway was 134% above the EU average. Norway topped this list, followed by Iceland with 126%. One reason is the high level of tax on alcohol and tobacco.

Northern Macedonia and Serbia had the lowest prices for alcohol and tobacco by 55 and 46% below the EU average respectively.

The other Nordic countries were among the eight most expensive relative to the EU, while Albania and Northern Macedonia had the lowest prices overall.

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