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Norway needs 150 new trains

Train foreign operator railroadTrain at Oslo Central Station. Photo: Norway Today Media


The state company ‘Norske Tog’, to whom NSB leases most of its trains, said that half of all Norwegian trains need to be replaced by 2029.


This was reported in Aftenposten newspaper.The ‘Jernbanemagasinet’ (Railway Magazine) first mentioned the matter.

In total, Norway needs 150 new passenger trains.The greatest need is to replace old local trains on the Oslo-Lillestrøm, Oslo-Ski and Oslo and Asker and Spikkestad lines. When replacing these local services, it is likely to replace them with trains with many standing places. Double wheels will constitute a smaller proportion of the new trains if it is appropriate to acquire such.

If the goal of replacements is to be achieved, a train must be obtained every month in the period up to the year 2029.


© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today


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