Norway not allowed cuts in child benefits abroad

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EU refuses Norway the ability to reduce child benefits for workers with children living in other EU countries.

The government wishes to adjust the allowance and cash benefits according to the cost of living in the country where the child resides. The European Commission deems this as totally unacceptable.

The background:

Parents are entitled to Norwegian Child benefits if their spouse works here, regardless of in which EEA country the child and the other parent resides.

Since the cost of living in many EEA countries is far lower than in Norway, the child benefits is a major source of income for some families. The Government has long strived to adjust benefits according to the so-called purchasing power of the involved country.

Germany, Denmark and Austria wants to do likewise, but are thwarted by the EU’s decision.

– This is not permissible within the current regulations, and the Commission has no intention to change them, EU Commissioner Marianne Thyssen told VG.

– We believe that foreign workers, who pay the same tax as a country’s citizens, shall enjoy the same social security benefits regardless of nationality or where their children live. It is a question of fairness, concludes the Commissioner.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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  1. I see so only working families get financial help then? Those on benefits get nothing? Yep the ignorance is strong on here tonight

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