Norway slides down the work attraction list

Aqua-medicine students in the laboratory at the Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø (UiT). Photo: Marius Fiskum / UiT.

Norway has lost its ranking regarding how good countries are at attracting labour according to a new survey – and this year ends up in sixth place.

The survey was carried out by the IMD.

Switzerland tops the list, as the country did in 2018, while Denmark retains second place. Sweden has shot up five places to a third place. Austria and Luxembourg are also ahead of Norway this year.

Of the ten highest-ranked countries, Singapore is the only non-European one. Mongolia is at the very bottom of the 63 countries.

The top of the list is dominated by small and medium-sized European countries, where the common denominator is high investment in education and high quality of life.

In particular, it is the results for the “readiness” category that has made Norway drop down the list, according to IMD. What is pulling us down is a particularly low proportion of students in the natural sciences, and a low proportion of foreign students in Higher Education.

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