Norway has a variety of products half that of Sweden

CoopCoop.Photo: Norway Today Media

Despite the assortment of products in Norwegian food stores improving, Swedish stores stock nearly twice as many varied items as our shops at home.

A new report from the Consumer Research Institute (SIFO) shows that Norwegian food stores have 55% of the samples that Swedish stores have on the shelves, reported Aftenposten newspaper.

Norwegians have gained 20% more choice since 2010, but developments in Sweden have been even better, thus increasing the difference in the variety on offer between us and our neighboring countries.

‘It is disturbing, the major differences between the selection Norwegians have access to in their stores and what the Swedes get’, believes director, Randi Flesland of the Consumer Council, which ordered the survey to be carried out by SIFO.

Professor Frode Alfnes, and research director, Arne Dulsrud, are behind the report, and they cite the number of stores as being a major cause.

‘In Sweden, there are 2,530 people per store. The corresponding figure for Norway is 1,335. The consequence of this is lesser choice’, said Professor Alfnes.

The researchers pointed out that Oslo’s inhabitants have five times as many stores to choose from compared to the residents of Stockholm.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today